Hagiwara House Corporation
Okazaki, Aichi, Japan

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Company Infomation

Hagiwara House Corporation

Hagiwara House Corporationwas founded by Chairman Susumu Hagiwara in 1979. His experience started as a contracted carpenter in 1955 and during his career he trained many other carpenters. The current CEO is Keiji Hagiwara who assumed the position in 2001.

We are based in Okazaki city, Aichi, Japan. Our business activities are mostly inside Aichi prefecture, and are we very much attached to our local projects and clients.

Keiji Hagiwara is a registered architect as a First Class licensed architecture (the highest grade qualification for architects in Japan). He completed his Diploma in Architecture at the University of Kyoto in Japan in 1984 and worked for Shimizu Construction Corporation for 10 years after graduating from University.

Hagiwara House Corporation believes that good design can take you further than just images and form. Therefore, we approach each project in a different and innovative way. Considering the constraints of each project such as budget, regulations, and the environmental uniqueness of the site, we seek the ultimate design which most closely reflects the lifestyle and aspirations of every client.

Our projects have included renovations, custom-build houses, restaurants, office refurbishments and more. Because we are a design and construction company, we are able to provide you with a total service from designing, liaising with consultants, obtaining all necessary council permits through to carrying out all building works. We work with a regular team of qualified trades people whose work we know and trust and are consequently able to deliver consistent, quality work.

Hagiwara House Corporation not only specializes in leading design and construction, but since 1984 we have also sub-contracted to other companies. We have established strong and trusted relationships, and strong inquiries, from other construction companies in Japan.

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